Friday, October 14, 2011

College Football Picks: Week 7*

Guess what. Last week my picks were 6-6. The comeback trail has begun and 51 picks into the season I'm 20-30-1. This weekend doesn't have any spectacular matchups, but there are some nice conference games. And to be honest, the highly anticipated games have usually disappointed this season, while the most exciting games have all been a bit surprising. Here's the picks:

Pittsburgh -6 vs. Utah
The Utes have been a disappointing in their first year in the Pac-12.

Michigan +2.5 @ Michigan State
I want Michigan to lose so badly. Seeing them in the Top 10 would suck. But I have a bad feeling they'll win.

Baylor +9.5 @ Texas A&M
The Aggies find ways to lose against quality opponents. They have so much talent but make so many mistakes.

South Carolina -3 @ Mississippi State
MSU has yet to register a conference win.

Rutgers -3.5 vs. Navy
Rutgers has a decent defense, and Navy's horrible defense will allow the Rutgers horrible offense to be productive.

Florida State -13.5 @ Duke
FSU is bad this year, but not lose-to-Duke bad.

Georgia Tech -7 @ Virginia
Tech runs for over 360 yards per game.

Illinois -3 vs. Ohio State
OSU sucks.

LSU -17 @ Tennessee
It's never easy to win in Knoxville, especially for the Volunteers.

Texas +8 vs. Oklahoma State
Just have a feeling like it'll be a happy day in Austin.

Clemson -7.5 @ Maryland
I might pick Clemson every week for the rest of the year.

Georgia -11 @ Vanderbilt
UGA is still properly rated as a just outside of the Top 25 team.

Auburn +2 vs. Florida
Yes I'll be taking the SEC West team that's at home and thanks for the 2 points.

Kansas State +3.5 @ Texas Tech
Offense vs. defense and I think K-State's defense will prevail.

Oregon -14.5 vs. Arizona State
The Ducks score. ASU's offense won't be able to keep up.