Sunday, December 28, 2008


More ignorant bowl predictions. These games are on Monday and Tuesday. Bowl
Birmingham, AL
NC State vs. Rutgers

Rutgers was 2-3 outside of the Big East, with wins over Army and Morgan State. They're biggest win was a 12-10 squeaker at home against UConn. NC State finished the season strong with 4 straight wins. They played a somewhat tough schedule, with 10 of their opponents going to bowls, but they were 4-6 in those games. I gotta go with Rutgers, 24-16.

Valero Alamo Bowl
San Antonio, TX
#21 Missouri vs. #23 Northwestern

Northwestern's had a great year, but Chase Daniels and Missouri are too potent an offense for NW to stop. Missouri 44, Northwestern 31.

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl
Boise, ID
Maryland vs. Nevada

Nevada had to play Texas Tech and Mizzou and they still finished 7-5. Maryland stumbled down the stretch against good teams, and this is quite a long trip for them. Maryland epitomized the whole ACC. They were good one week, horrible the next. They beat California but lost to Middle Tennessee State. Nevada wins 24-17.

Texas Bowl
Houston, TX
Rice vs. Western Michigan

Rice gets to play in their own backyard. Both teams are 9-3, both teams had decent schedules. This could be a very good game and you'll probably miss it because it's on the NFL Network. I give Rice the edge because it'll essentially be a home game.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl
San Diego, CA
#13 Oklahoma State vs. #17 Oregon

This one's just unfair. OSU has three losses: #3 Texas, #7 Texas Tech, and #1 Oklahoma. They played Texas and Oklahoma very close. Oregon's good, but they'll be outclassed by OSU 56-24.


The Pats shutout the Bills 13-0 in a windy and wild game that saw a 26 yard field goal attempt blown wide right, Matt Cassel punt the ball 57 yards but only throw 8 passes, the Pats go 2 for 10 on 3rd down, then go 3 for 3 on 4th down, and stoppages to keep the uprights upright.

It was a crazy game, and a solid win over an inferior team, but it was all for not. Brett Favre threw three point-shaving quality interceptions to gift-wrap the Dolphins an AFC East title, and end the Patriots' season at 16 games.

In the end, however, the Patriots could have done just a bit more to make their case for a playoff spot. They were certainly in that 34-31 OT loss to the Jets at Gillette Stadium. And the 18-15 debacle in Indy was an extremely winnable contest.

It is a joke that the 9-6-1 Eagles made the playoffs and we didn't. That the 9-7 Cardinals made it and we didn't. That the 8-8 Chargers made it and we didn't. But again, the Pats only had to win one more game. It's a shame that an 11-5 season will go to waste, but the Pats had an easy schedule and certainly could have gone 12-4.

But it's still very lame to be tied for the 6th best record in the NFL and be denied postseason football. It's lame to be a mere 2 games behind the best record in the League and be left out. It's lame, but that's football. Again, one more win and the Pats are tied for the 2nd best record.

Nine months of incubation then the Patriots will be reborn.

Go Bruins! Go Celtics!


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