Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've never liked Glen Davis. Just because he's chubby, doesn't mean he's likable. I've never thought he's too good of a player. And more recently, he's been a total pest on this team.

Remember when he almost burst into tears courtside when KG was yelling at him? Then there was the fight he got into with his "friend" that kept him sidelined until Christmas. And now this.

A Detroit fan heckled Davis all night, calling him "fat boy." Davis responded with obscenity. "Suck my dick" to be exact.

What worries me is that Davis allows a fan to get into his head. 99.99999% of athletes don't directly respond to fans taunting. Most zone it out, others absorb it, and almost all of them deal with it, without it affecting any of their actions.

Doc Rivers said:
"It's common sense, when a fan is yelling and it's offending the people around him, then the guy will be removed. If a player points or coach points to security, there's a very good chance that person will be removed."

Well I work security at Gillette Stadium, and I've never removed any fan from the premises for saying "fatboy." It's an elementary school insult, which Davis couldn't handle.

And he is fat!!! He's tubby, chubby, rotund, round, jolly, plump, overweight.

I really hate Glen Davis. Doc says he needs to grow up. I think he simply needs to go.