Monday, February 13, 2012

Remember When Rondo Was Going to be Traded?

I remember when there seemed to be a campaign to run Rajon Rondo out of town. It wasn't that long ago. All his faults were listed, his successes were dismissed, and he was stamped and packaged for export to some other town.

I don't know if Rondo is the key to the Celtics' future, but he is a key to their present. His triple-double yesterday propelled the Celtics past the Bulls 95-91. And his youth will become more and more important as the back-to-back games begin to build up and the season takes its toll on his more seasoned teammates.

The Celtics and Rondo are a perfect fit right now. Other teams didn't seem to find him very valuable. And maybe they're right. He wouldn't be valuable for them. But with the C's, he is valuable. He's a solid point-guard with the ability to explode as he did Sunday afternoon.

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Oh Yeah, the Bruins Are Still Pretty Good

The Bruins needed to win this game. They've been struggling for a month now, entering the game on a 5-6-1 slump. They were utterly dominated by the Sabres in their previous game. They needed to skate hard, play physical, and take care of the puck. They needed to win. And they did all that.

The goals they allowed were the result of unfortunate mistakes, not bad habits. Tim Thomas, for instance, could have stopped Nashville's 3rd goal. But he got up out of the butterfly too early and opened up a huge gap for Mike Fisher to score. Other than that, though, Thomas was fine.

Marchand and Bergeron were playing hard, especially in the 1st. And it eventually resulted in a shorthanded goal. Lucic was skating around like a madman all game and it paid off with the game-tying goal scored 67 seconds away from another loss.

Seguin and Bergeron scored nifty goals in the shootout and it was over.

The Bruins outworked and outplayed Nashville. If not for the occasional miscue, they would have won the game in regulation by 2 goals.

We know how good this team can play. They don't need to be lights out for the remaining 29 regular season games. They just have to be good and continue to practice good habits. Then turn it on in the playoffs.

Bruins host the Rangers Tuesday night in a meeting between the two best teams in the East.

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