Monday, February 13, 2012

Remember When Rondo Was Going to be Traded?

I remember when there seemed to be a campaign to run Rajon Rondo out of town. It wasn't that long ago. All his faults were listed, his successes were dismissed, and he was stamped and packaged for export to some other town.

I don't know if Rondo is the key to the Celtics' future, but he is a key to their present. His triple-double yesterday propelled the Celtics past the Bulls 95-91. And his youth will become more and more important as the back-to-back games begin to build up and the season takes its toll on his more seasoned teammates.

The Celtics and Rondo are a perfect fit right now. Other teams didn't seem to find him very valuable. And maybe they're right. He wouldn't be valuable for them. But with the C's, he is valuable. He's a solid point-guard with the ability to explode as he did Sunday afternoon.

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