Monday, December 12, 2005


The Red Sox are declaring this the end of a period of uncertainty. Ben Cherington and Jed Hoyer have been named as co-consuls, I mean co-General Managers by the team. It is notable how much the Red Sox are trying to connect these two guys to Theo Epstein.

Now, co-GMs can work for a short period. When it is December, for example, and there is time to converse and have dialogue about trades and free agents. However, what will happen in the middle of the season. Theo was renound for his vigor at the trade deadline. Will people know which GM to call late in the afternoon? The Orioles tried a two man GM system and it didn't pan out. Now, was it the system, or was it the men? Maybe these two will know to cower to Larry Luchino's will.

I know, the Red Sox front office has done well this offseason considering it has been essentially devoid of a GM. I remember WEEI's Michael Holley remarked after the Beckett deal "Who needs a GM?" He was serious, too. The thing is, this committee stuff can only work temporarily. No two people will ever make the same decisions all the time. Eventually, there will be disagreements. Then there will be division. Then there will be failure. This MUST be a temporary solution, perhaps for only the 2006 season. It simply will not work longer than that.


The Globe is reporting that the Red Sox are trying to get Theo back into the fold as a consultant or advisor. This has already been insinuated by Peter Gammons of ESPN on sports radio. He, among others, beleives that Theo was consulted on the recent deals that went down.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox are starting to show an interest in Hall of Famer Roger Clemens. I'm glad they've started to do this. I think the chances of landing him are minimal, but he would be a great addition to our staff.

Apparently, Edgar Renteria wanted out of Boston. It wasn't fans pressuring him or a new set of pitchers, or a new city. It was the Fenway infield. Apparently that is why Edgar had 30 errors. If I had the time or the energy, I'd look up to see if he had more home errors than road errors. But I don't at the moment.

In related news, Miguel Tejada has backed down from his trade demand just a bit. Time will tell how that all works out.