Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I really hate how we have to play a doubleheader. It screws up our rotation, wears out our bullpen and doubleheaders are notoriously difficult to sweep, which is what we need to do. The good news is, as I type this, both New York and Cleveland are losing. The bad news is, we're tied and New York and Cleveland are playing the lifeless Orioles and D-Rays, respectively.

Rodney Harrison is out for the season. This is a huge loss but I won't be predicting doom like some national sports writers. Yes, Harrison is a great player and a leader, and yes, our secondary is already a little thin, but the Patriots have a great ability for adjusting to a player's absence. Just compare the offensive line play of the Pats in the 1st half after Light went down and the 2nd without Light. We should be fine, but it will be more difficult to three peat and we can't afford too many more injuries in the secondary.