Monday, November 23, 2009


You can add Tim Thomas to the injury list for the Bruins with a "nagging minor injury." The good news is that he might be able to play in tonight's game in St. Louis. The even better news is that Tuukka Rask is perhaps the best backup goalie in the NHL, and could be starting for many teams.

The Bruins beat the Sabres 2-1 in the overtime a well-played, hard-fought, playoff atmosphere kind of game. Combined with the shootout win in Atlanta and this two game winning "streak" is only the second time the B's have compiled back-to-back wins.

But they have gotten 8 points in their last 7 games. More importantly, Milan Lucic is not only back in the lineup, he's back to being Milan Lucic. He and Byron Bitz terrorized the Sabres all night and in all three zones. They combined for the Bruins' lone regulation goal, which was set-up by their nice forechecking, and a good feed from Rask (who got his first NHL point with the assist).

A line of Begin-Bitz-Lucic would put the fear of God in opposing teams.

The Bruins look to get their first 3 game win streak tonight at 8 as they face a struggling St. Louis Blues team.

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ON NOVEMBER 23, 1984...

This happened:

Also, I was born. Sorry, no YouTube clip of that.


Are there enough tissues in New Jersey for Cryingasaurus Rex? His Jets are now 4-6, on the outside of the outside, looking in at the teams looking in. Mark Sanchize added 4 more picks to his collection. Remember this stage of Mark Sanchez's career?

It's not surprising that Sanchez sucks so much. He was "coached" by Pete Carroll at USC. Carroll's job at USC is to cash inflated paychecks, and fail to inspire his ultra-talented teams to actually play solid fundamental football, and beat the likes of Stanford and Oregon State. Sanchez's current coach is little more than a blubbery blubbering blob of buffoonery.

This was a nice win, and important win. A loss would have been devastating, both in basic factuality, and psychologically. It's not the glorious triumph that some out there might still need after what happened in Indianapolis, but it's a vital step in the rightest of directions.

Laurence Maroney sucks. That's all I'll say. It was fun hearing the groans of the crowd at Gillette whenever he was stopped at the line of scrimmage. I genuinely hate him. Hopefully the Pats draft someone, or get some free agents that are under 30 years old next season.

The defense was excellent, but Sanchez makes that easy. He never tries to look safeties off, never does anything deceptive, nothing clever, his new nickname is Dr. Seuss because he's easy to read.

Massive test next Monday down in New Orleans. A strong showing there and it's clear that the Pats are contenders.

Wins are also extremely important at this point (more so than usual). There are three teams vying for the #2 seed in the AFC, and that coveted bye. Cincy, San Diego, and the Pats are all 7-3, and 5-3 within the conference (1st tie-breaker).

As mentioned earlier, Pats @ 10-0 Saints next Monday night.


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