Thursday, June 09, 2005


The Red Sox have gone through three periods this year. Each of these periods have been marked by a different leader in the pitching staff. Different Ace dynasties. At first it was Arroyo. Then it was Clement. Now it is Wells. This was David's third start that was solid or better.

Wells went 8 innings allowing only 4 hits (would have been 3 if not for Millar's lack of ability in left field), 0 runs, 0 walks, and 0 extra base hits besides the double that should have been a flyout. He threw 94 pitches, 74 of which were strikes. That's 78.7%. 8 out of 10 pitches thrown were strikes. And he wasn't exactly getting a wide strike zone.

How many times in baseball history has the game been shorter than the rain delay?

Renteria had a homerun that must have been satisfying to hit. Ortiz had a big homerun. Tek went 2 for 4 with a 2 run double. Bill Mueller was 1 for 3 but he made a pair of amazing plays at 3rd.

Foulke continued the pattern we've seen all year. He'll look amazing and then all of a sudden will look very beatable. He got 2 very quick outs, getting ahead in the count, and getting outs. He then lost it, falling behind in the count, and giving up hits. He settled down inducing Edmonds to fly out to center.

For some reason, Francona sat down Manny Ramirez and played Kevin Millar. I don't know what it is between Millar and Francona. I know Manny hasn't hit a homerun in about 50 at-bats, but if Francona can give Millar 180 at-bats to get out of a slump, how come he can't give Manny 50? If Francona was going to sit anyone down, he should have sat down Damon who has poor numbers against Carpenter in his career. Before the game he was 5 for 32 I believe.

The Man of the Game is David Wells. He went 8 scoreless and probably could have gone 9. He threw 94 pitches, 74 of which were strikes. If he had a real outfielder playing behind him in left, he would have allowed a mere three singles.

The Sox have a day off for the arduous 300 mile journey up I-55 to Chicago. The schedule makers this year are really doing a bad job if you ask me. Here are the pitching matchups:

Game 1. Friday 2:20 PM: Arroyo vs. Maddux
Game 2. Saturday 3:05 PM: Miller vs. Zambrano
Game 3. Sunday 8:05 PM: Wakefield vs. TBD

We're somewhat lucky that Prior and Wood are on the DL among with a number of other Cubbies.