Monday, June 07, 2010


The Bruins off-season began earlier than hoped, but they've made the most of this extra time. They re-signed would-have-been unrestricted free agent Dennis Seidenberg to a 4 year deal worth a reported $13 million.

The deal would keep a top-tandem defensemen with Boston, who's only 28 years old. Seidenberg can play in all three zones; contributing on offense with a quick-release slap shot and intelligent passing; contributing in the neutral zone with pestering stick-work; and contributing in the defensive zone with physical play, blocked shots, and excellent awareness of the play. He makes smart outlet passes, and can play both shorthanded and on the power play.

Seidenberg will likely be paired with Chara. And in the 17 games these two Europeans paired up, they were a formidable presence on the ice. This can be the shutdown duo that can stifle guys like Ovechkin and Crosby/Malkin. And looking ahead, if the Bruins can't retain Chara, Seidenberg is capable of being a #1 defenseman.

The Bruins are strong on the blue-line, and this re-signing keeps them strong. Chara, Hunwick, Wideman, and now Seidenberg are all under contract. Stuart and Boychuk are both restricted free agents. Adam McQuaid, who demonstrated his capable quality in the playoffs, is also in the mix.

The B's also kept Seidenberg at a healthy cap number. $3.25 million per season is an excellent contract, especially compared to other D-men on the team. Chara consumes $7.5M of cap space, Wideman absorbs $3.9M.



This is how smart the NHL is. Why not have Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals go up against Game 2 of the NBA Finals? I know the NHL set their dates long before the NBA did, but can't Gary Bettman text David Stern and say "yo, if u hav a game on 6/6 what time RU gonna start ur game?" Then when Stern responds "LOL, 8pm EST ;-)" Then Bettman can schedule Game 5 of the Cup Finals for 3 in the afternoon.

But I guess that's too much.

CHICAGO 7, PHILADELPHIA 4 (Blackhawks lead series 3-2)

You know what game I bet the Flyers would be good at (besides hockey, of course)? Duck-duck-goose. You slap them on the head and they'll chased after you like a rabid dog. And even if they don't catch you, you'll die of a heart attack from the strain. They simply do not believe they can die.

The Hawks went up 3-0 in the 1st, and looked to cruise through to Game 6. But the Flyers hate cruise ships almost as much as the Israelis do (couldn't resist and by no means is this a political commentary, just a fucking joke, so relax), and they fought back. The teams traded goals in the 2nd, and if not for some brilliant Niemitics, it easily could have been a 5-4 game, instead of 5-2.

More goal-trading in the 3rd, and after the dust settled, Chicago won 7-4, but it was hardly easy. You have to stay aggressive and keep slapping the scoreboard against Philly. Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Dustin "pug fufly" Byfuglien all woke up. The Chicago power play made its debut, as well.

So now Philly is facing elimination. Which is familiar and seemingly comfortable position for them. And much like this game, the Blackhawks need to keep the pedal pinned to the floor, because the Flyers will fight like Rocky Balboa until the bitter end.

Game 6 Wednesday night in Philly. Hey! It's not conflicting with an NBA Finals game! Whaddya know?!? How fucking novel!


It's hard to be upset after winning any series. It's hard to be upset when the Sox have won 4 of 6, and 6 of 8, especially considering how awful they were to start the season. But more needs to be done. This is a good Red Sox team, just not good enough. And while Tampa Bay has fallen to earth, the Sox need to soar if they want to make the playoffs.

They need to do better than splitting 4 at home against the Royals. And they need to properly finish a potential sweep in Fenway South, a.k.a. Camdem Yards.

The Orioles are awful. Normally taking 2 of 3 on the road is satisfactory, even against a below average team. But the Orioles are below below average. They're 6 games out of 29th in MLB. They're what Baylor is to the Big XII in football. It's unfortunate to even go into extra innings with them.

Okajima and Ramirez were supposed to be the chewy center of the Sox bullpen. Papelbon was to close, Bard as the #1 set-up guy. Then Okajima and Ramirez filling in the gaps. They've been dreadful this year. 2 blown saves already, 2 losses, a 5.30 ERA, and a 1.77 WHIP. Manny Delcarmen's been decent this year, but he also participated in Sunday afternoon's loss.

It's not a cakewalk to win when you only score 3 runs, but it should happen. Especially when your team is allegedly constructed for "run prevention."

The Red Sox are still tied for 3rd with Toronto, and it's partially because of leaked games like this one, and the two against KC. Consider this: the Sox would be 1.5 out of 1st if they'd swept the Royals and the O's OR A's. That would also give them the second best record in all of baseball.

The Sox are good, but there are plenty of good teams this year. 4.5 games separate the best and 10th best records in MLB. The Sox need to gorge on wretched teams like Baltimore, though, in order to lift themselves above the fray.

The Sox have another feasting opportunity as they start a series in Cleveland tonight. The Indians are 21-34. Matsuzaka faces Carmona.

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This game was book-ended by two individuals on the Celtics. Ray Allen commanded the 1st quarter and into the 2nd, Rajon Rondo dominated the 4th.

Ray Ray scored 10 in the 1st, then 17 more in the 2nd. He tied an NBA record for successful 3 pointers with 7 before halftime (he'd break the record in the 2nd half).

Rajon Rondo might get 2nd billing behind Allen's record-breaking, 32 point night. But he had a triple-double himself, with 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists.

Allen's 3 point orgy was a team-effort, not just an individual taking charge of a game. Through screens, picks, and passing, Ray was given 10+ feet of space to set and shoot. Ray Allen may have drained the shots, but the shots were devised by the whole team.

In fact, when Allen tried creating his own shots, it helped give momentum back to LA.

The Lakers ended the 1st half with a 7-0 run, thanks in no small part to some sloppy play by the C's. The Celtics don't seem to fully respect how good the Lakers are, and at times, either play flat or play comfortable. LA started the 2nd half with a 5-0 run, and eventually took the lead.

It was Rondo who won this game at the end. He scored 8 times in the 4th, and was all over the court, blocking shots, flying into the paint for an offensive rebound.

Everyone will be touting Ray Allen's night, but Rondo was the Celtics' man-of-the-game last night. And he also did it when it counted most, in the 4th. Then again, the Lakers had to assign Bryant to Allen, which freed up Rondo.

In other words, this was a team win, not just a Ray Allen or even an Allen+Rondo win.

Paul Pierce only made 2 field goals, but was solid defensively, and was one of many who helped set-up Ray Allen's 3 point bonanza.

Kevin Garnett had one of the worst playoff games I've seen him have. He got into early foul trouble, had to be benched, and was frequently a non-factor on offense and defense. Thankfully, Rasheed contributed 18 solid minutes, scoring 7, hauling in 7 rebounds, and only committing 4 fouls.

This game is more indicative of how this series will go. It will be close, hard-fought, and closely contested. Hopefully, however, the refs call some looser games. Because I don't watch basketball to see Kevin Garnett on the bench, and Kobe Bryant forced to ease up because he has 5 fouls.

Game 2 Tuesday night in Boston. With 3 in a row at the Garden, the Celtics have an opportunity to really take command of this series. And that's at 9pm local time. Thanks, NBA!

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