Monday, June 07, 2010


The Bruins off-season began earlier than hoped, but they've made the most of this extra time. They re-signed would-have-been unrestricted free agent Dennis Seidenberg to a 4 year deal worth a reported $13 million.

The deal would keep a top-tandem defensemen with Boston, who's only 28 years old. Seidenberg can play in all three zones; contributing on offense with a quick-release slap shot and intelligent passing; contributing in the neutral zone with pestering stick-work; and contributing in the defensive zone with physical play, blocked shots, and excellent awareness of the play. He makes smart outlet passes, and can play both shorthanded and on the power play.

Seidenberg will likely be paired with Chara. And in the 17 games these two Europeans paired up, they were a formidable presence on the ice. This can be the shutdown duo that can stifle guys like Ovechkin and Crosby/Malkin. And looking ahead, if the Bruins can't retain Chara, Seidenberg is capable of being a #1 defenseman.

The Bruins are strong on the blue-line, and this re-signing keeps them strong. Chara, Hunwick, Wideman, and now Seidenberg are all under contract. Stuart and Boychuk are both restricted free agents. Adam McQuaid, who demonstrated his capable quality in the playoffs, is also in the mix.

The B's also kept Seidenberg at a healthy cap number. $3.25 million per season is an excellent contract, especially compared to other D-men on the team. Chara consumes $7.5M of cap space, Wideman absorbs $3.9M.


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