Monday, June 07, 2010


This is how smart the NHL is. Why not have Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals go up against Game 2 of the NBA Finals? I know the NHL set their dates long before the NBA did, but can't Gary Bettman text David Stern and say "yo, if u hav a game on 6/6 what time RU gonna start ur game?" Then when Stern responds "LOL, 8pm EST ;-)" Then Bettman can schedule Game 5 of the Cup Finals for 3 in the afternoon.

But I guess that's too much.

CHICAGO 7, PHILADELPHIA 4 (Blackhawks lead series 3-2)

You know what game I bet the Flyers would be good at (besides hockey, of course)? Duck-duck-goose. You slap them on the head and they'll chased after you like a rabid dog. And even if they don't catch you, you'll die of a heart attack from the strain. They simply do not believe they can die.

The Hawks went up 3-0 in the 1st, and looked to cruise through to Game 6. But the Flyers hate cruise ships almost as much as the Israelis do (couldn't resist and by no means is this a political commentary, just a fucking joke, so relax), and they fought back. The teams traded goals in the 2nd, and if not for some brilliant Niemitics, it easily could have been a 5-4 game, instead of 5-2.

More goal-trading in the 3rd, and after the dust settled, Chicago won 7-4, but it was hardly easy. You have to stay aggressive and keep slapping the scoreboard against Philly. Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Dustin "pug fufly" Byfuglien all woke up. The Chicago power play made its debut, as well.

So now Philly is facing elimination. Which is familiar and seemingly comfortable position for them. And much like this game, the Blackhawks need to keep the pedal pinned to the floor, because the Flyers will fight like Rocky Balboa until the bitter end.

Game 6 Wednesday night in Philly. Hey! It's not conflicting with an NBA Finals game! Whaddya know?!? How fucking novel!

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