Saturday, October 01, 2005


OK, OK, its not all that bad. Because Cleveland lost, all we need to do is win tomorrow and we clinch the Wild Card. Even if we don't win and the Indians lose, we clinch the Wild Card. Even if we lose and Cleveland wins, we have a playoff game on Monday in Fenway to determine the Wild Card. Schilling goes tomorrow against who knows. The Yankees having clinched will probably rest alot of players including the recently disabled Mussina.

Kevin Millar is not a good baseball player. I'll begin this game analysis by stating this fact.

Wakefield began the game by giving up consecutive basehits. Giambi hit a ground ball to Graffanino who tossed to Renteria. Renteria eliminated A-Rod but for some reason, and it wasn't A-Rod because he enver touched him, Renteria lost his balance and couldn't make a throw to first to complete the double play. Jeter scored and there was a runner on. Sheffield came up and hit a 2 run bomb into the Monster Seats. 3-0 New York, but it could have been 2-0. Matsui grounded out and Cano flew out.

Damon walked to begin the bottom of the 1st. He then stole second. Renteria flew out but Damon tagged and moved to 3rd. Ortiz struck out. Manny came to the plate and turned on a pitch the landed on the roof of the Cask N' Flagon. 3-2 New York, but it couldv'e been 2-2. Kevin Millar, who sucks, flew out.

The Yankees struck again in the 2nd. Tino led off with a single. Bernie hit a line drive right at Millar's glove, but Millar, who sucks, couldn't snag it. The result was a double that gave the Yankees runners on 2nd and 3rd with 0 outs. Millar, who does suck, should have caught the ball and because he was closer to the bag than Tino, should have been able to step on the bag for a double play. Flaherty knocked in Tino with a SAC Fly, and moved Bernie to 3rd. Jeter hit another SAc Fly. The runners shouldn't have even been on base and the inning should have been over. But, Millar sucks. A-Rod ended the inning by flying out. 5-2 New York, but it could have been 2-2 if we had good defensive players.

Mueller walked to lead off the bottom of the 2nd. Mirabelli and Nixon each struck out. Graffanino singled. Damon walked. Renteria had the bases juiced with a full count. There was a questionable called strike that I felt was ball 4 but it was called a strike. Renteria foul tipped the 3-2 pitch into the mit of John Flaherty. The game was effectively over after this point.

Matsui hit a homer in the top of the 3rd to give New York a 6-2 lead. Ortiz doubled to begin the 3rd for Boston, but could not advance. Millar, who sucks, flew out. The Red Sox would get sporadic baserunners but wouldn't be able to mount anything significant. They got Johnson's pitch count up early but every inning, they made him work less and less which allowed him to extend his outing. We never got to their middle relief.

In order for us to not win the Wild Card, we will have to lose tomorrow, have Chicago lose, and lose a playoff game on Monday against the Indians. I don't think all three of these things will happen. But you never know.

Curt Schilling will go against Jaret Wright, not Mike Mussina. I doubt that guys like Sheffield, Rivera, or Gordon will be playing. No matter how poorly Curt pitches, we should be able to capitalize on the Yankees pitching unless Wright comes out with a great start.

Wright has an ERA of 5.97 with a 5-4 record. He has pitched 60.1 innings in 12 starts. He doesn't give up alot of homers but he has allowed 78 hits. He's also walked 27 batters. That is a WHIP of 1.74 which isn't that good. The Red Sox as a team are batting .338 in their careers against Wright. .349 if you don't count pitchers stats. Damon, Ortiz, Renteria, and Varitek all have great numbers against Wright.

The White Sox will send Brandon McCarthy against Scott Elarton in a pitching matchup that appears to be about even. The Indians look near dead though. The White Sox aren't playing balls to the wall and they're still beating Cleveland in Cleveland. Even if a playoff game is forced, I doubt the Indians will be able to muster any sort of effort against us. I could be wrong though.

#21 Boston College shutout Ball State 38-0 in Chestnut Hill. However, it was Ball State, it was at home, and Ball State had suspended 16 players for the game because of something to do with textbook loan violations. BC will return to reality and ACC play when they host #19 Virginia next week.

The Bruins begin their season on Wednesday against arch-rival Montreal in The Garden. It should be interesting to see how the Bruins look this year with a salary cap and new rules. We've also got some new faces but the core of the team is the same.

The Patriots will host the San Diego Chargers Sunday. LT Matt Light, Rb Kevin Faulk, and S Rodney Harrison will all be absent due to injuries for the Patriots. CBs Randall Gay, and Tyrone Poole, Chad Scott, and Duane Starks are all questionable. Tom Brady is probably with his right shoulder injury.

The 49ers and Arizona Cardinals will be playing the first ever regualr season NFL game outside of the USA. They will kickoff tomorrow in Mexico City. Next season, the NFL might have a regular season game in London's new Wemberly Stadium.

My alma-mater, Xaverian, the 7th ranked team in Massachusetts, shutout New Britain HS, the 3rd ranked team in Connecticutt 35-0 in New Britain. Remember this name: Chris Fox. He's the son of former Patriot Tim Fox and has a full ride to Boston College. He plays for Xaverian and is a great athlete with alot of potential.