Saturday, November 04, 2006


Is anybody truly surprised anymore when Boston College loses the big game it should win? Is anyone shocked when they blow coverages, throw picks in the end zone, allow 81 yard rushes, fail to stay at home on end arounds, fumble after picking up a huge first down, or generally screw up big time in any way? Is anyone taken aback when they do this in football, or basketball, or hockey? If you are, you're a sucker.

BC is limited in recruiting because unlike most other schools, they have academic standards. Places like The U, or Virginia Tech do not. But this wasn't a game in which the Eagles were simply a less talented team. The Eagles beat themselves in this one.

The eagles has 430 yards of total offense, but they also threw 2 interceptions, had 70 penalty yards, and only averaged 1.1 yards per carry on the ground. Matt Ryan was 40 for 57 for 402 yards, but he only completed one TD pass. The other two times he hit a man in the end zone, they were wearing black and gold.

The first major BC mistake came about halfway through the 2nd quarter. Wake had possession of the ball at the Eagle 46. Nate Morton went on a deep route and was dropped off in coverage by BOTH the safety and the corner, instead of just one or the other. This left him wide open in the middle of the field with reservations for 6, and a Wake Forest TD to take the lead.

On the very next drive, BC drove the ball from their 27 all the way down to the Wake Forest 30. They were close to field goal range, but on 3rd and 13, Matt Ryan threw a poorly decided upon pass into the end zone where it was picked off by Wake Forest to end the drive.

In the 3rd quarter, BC gave up an 81 yard TD run early on that put them in the hole 21-7. The eagles got the score to 21-14 with a Ryan TD run on 4th and goal.

BC had three drives in the 4th quarter. The first ended with a missed field goal. The second one ended with an LV Whitworth fumble. The third ended with a Matt Ryan TD. Wake Forest held on to win 21-14.

BC is now a 2 loss team in the ACC Atlantic Division, which all but ends their hopes of a division title. They lost to NC State, and Wake Forest. Both of these games were games BC should have won.

Maryland and WFU are now both 4-1 in the ACC. In order for BC to win the ACC Atlantic, they have to win their remaining 3 Conference games (Duke, Maryland, at Miami), and hope Maryland beats WFU. If WFU loses to Maryland AND loses another conference game (they also play Virginia Tech and FSU), and we beat Maryland, we'll still win the division. But now we are no longer in control of our own destiny, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves.