Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Some Links

Just a few links I've added to the site recently.

Boston Sports Media Watch
This site does a pretty good job of keeping tabs on the Boston sports media which is a difficult task considering the size of it.

Friendly Fenway
A pretty solid and regularly updated Red Sox blog.

Mark Bellhorn.net
A web-site devoted to the underrated and under appreciated Mark Bellhorn.

Red Sox Wire
This is a great site for obsessed Red Sox fans who can't get enough info on the team. Every day this site features links for everything going on in the Nation from redsox.com, newspapers, and lowly blogs.

Sox fan in Connecticutt
That's not the title of the blog but Connecticutt is easily abbreviated to fit neatly into my links section. This unfortunate Sox fan is in the disputed territory of Connecticutt. I know how you feel buddy. Ithaca College is definately an outpost of Red Sox Nation but there are alot of insurgent Yankee fans.

Dressed to the Nines
I found this site via the previous site and it's really cool. You can look at team uniforms throughout the years. Any team, any year. They even have most of the Federal League's uniforms.

This site was kind enough to include Blood Sox among its vast list of blogs so I'm returning the favor and linking to them. It's a pretty comprehensive site and if you wanna know random stuff like how Mariners fans feel about their bullpen, this site is perfect.

Between the Lines
My friend Ben has a column on this site and it is pretty solid. He's a Cubs fan though but its still good to get a non Boston/NY opinion once and awhile.

Coast to Coast Tickets
I got an e-mail from this site asking about a link exchange. I checked it out and it seems like a good place to find tickets which will be a necesity if any Sox fan actually wants to go to a game this year. I'll have to give them a shot and buy some tickets during the season.

Is there any stopping the Celtics? 8-1 with Walker back and a 4 game lead over Philly.

The Hockey East semi-final field was set when BU downed PC 2-0. Maine will face off against Boston College and Boston University will play UNH. Both games will be on Friday at the Fleet Center. The winners will play for the Hockey East Championship on Saturday.

The Red Sox cannot buy a win in spring training. Let's hope they get sick of losing come April.