Friday, April 17, 2009


How do you say "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!" in Slovakian?

Wow, what a bunch of little crybabies the Canadiens are. Can't you just take a loss, and get off the friggin ice? Grow the fuck up, punks. Laraque, what a bush league schmuck you are. Nice try getting under Shawn Thornton's skin by spewing bullshit before the game, and good luck in your fight with the Heavyweight Champ, Zdeno Fucking Chara.

Back to hockey. The Bruins won the 1st period, and the 3rd. They lost the 2nd, badly. PJ Axelsson wasn't named one of the 3 Stars, but he deserved to be one. He got 3 "official" Hits, and they were the 3 biggest hits he's dished out in his 11 NHL seasons.

Kessel, 2 goals and an assist. Krejci, goal and assist. Lucic, 2 assists, 6 hits, and they were hard. Chara had the game winning goal, and 25 stellar minutes of defensive play.

There were leaks, however. Big leaks. And if Montreal weren't so poor at the game of hockey, they may have taken advantage. Matt Hunwick had a wretched game, giving the puck away, then failing to prevent breakaways. Good for him Tim Thomas was in net. Savard also had some errors that need to be erased. He's better than that.

The Canadiens displayed some semblance of control when they scored late in the 1st, and dominated the 2nd period. But that control, that confidence vanished with ease late in the 3rd. Will it be back in Game 2? I doubt it.

This win was bigger than just 1 game in 7. Montreal is leaning on the back of their feet, and their primed to fall.

Oh, and this guy playing keep-away with Kovalev's stick through the photographer's hole is my new hero:

Game 2, Saturday night in Boston.


Photo Credits:
AP Photo/Elise Amendola