Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Celtics Sign Jason Terry

The Celtics and Jason Terry agreed to a 3 year deal yesterday. The deal is reported to be worth the "full mid-level exception of $5 million." I don't understand the NBA salary cap at all, so whatever.

Anyway, Terry is a solid bench scorer. He already is Ray Allen could be "if healthy." He's a veteran, he's comfortable off the bench, he's played over 1,000 regular season games and 87 playoff games. He already has a ring.

He has the 4th most 3-pointers of all-time. He's a .380 career 3-point shooter and .448 from the field.

He only started 1 game last season, but he averaged 15.1 points.

He gives the Celtics what Ray Allen might be able to give. That doesn't mean the Celtics couldn't still utilize Allen. But it does mean they are less dependent on him to provide some bench scoring. And they desperately needed scoring from the bench. Brandon Bass was the only Celtic who scored well off the bench (11.8 points per game off the bench). Apart from him, no Celtic scored more than 7 points per game as a bench player.

So in this off-season, the Celtics have added size and bench scoring. Two of their biggest problems from last year might be solved.