Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The Patriots are as close to perfect over the past 2 years as any team can get. But whenever they have a small hole, they don't neglect it, they fill it. And they fill it well. Last season the Pats signed Punter Josh Miller who is a truly good punter capable of hitting the deep ball and also hitting the accurate short punts that pin teams within their 5 yard line. Although the Richard Seymour situation still hasn't been resolved, the Pats have gone out and improved an aspect of the team that desperately needed improving.

The Patriots signed Punt/Kick Returner Chad Morton to a 1 year, $600,000 deal after he was released by the Washington Redskins. Morton had an injury shortened season last year but when this guy is healthy, he has excelled at returning. The Patriots punt returning game last season left alot to be desired and with Troy Brown another year older, it will be good to give him a few plays off and keep him from getting tackled two to three times fewer a game.

In 2003 Morton had a 9.9 yard/return average in punt returning. If he can do this as well as break a few big returns, the Patriots will benefit tremendously. He can also be a good partner with Bethel Johnson on kick returns.

The Patriots offensive gameplan for the past few years has been based on field position. Even if the team doesn't score on a drive, they will probably move the ball a few yards down the field. This puts the other team in poor field position. After the defense shuts them down, the other team gives the Patriots good field position. This process is supposed to be repeated until the Pats are able to put a few plays together and score. Guys like Josh Miller and Chad Morton are going to help us accomplish this much quicker. If Morton can give us a few extra yards here and there, we are going to score more often.