Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Of all the things fans have done to players, from charging the field, from those two idiots who attacked a first-base coach, to fans throwing batteries, booing and jeering seems relatively mundane.

However, a great many people are appalled that Red Sox fans booed a former player that went to the arch-rival Yankees for more money.

This is what Sean McAdams of the Providence Journal and WEEI said:
"As a reward for his on-field excellence and unselfish behavior, Damon was treated like some common criminal Monday."

A common criminal? Opening your mouth and booing is treating someone like a common criminal? I think we need to look at the big picture here. The center-fielder for the New York Yankees got booed in Fenway Park and we're shocked? Yes, he helped us win it all in 2004, but after last year he decided to play for the Yankees. If fans don't like this decision, isn't it within their rights to boo?

Maybe fans are upset because Damon said "There is no way I can play for the Yankees." Are we surprised that a former Red Sox star plays for a rival after saying they would never do it?

Even if there were no reason to boo Damon, there are greater tragedies in life than a millionaire athlete having to listen to people boo him for a few seconds.

We cheered Damon because of the B on his hat, with an NY up there, he is going to get booed.