Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It could have been the absence of Mike Lowell, who was scheduled to take Monday off so he could get a shot for his hip pain. It could have been the fact that the game wasn't played in Fenway Park. But the real reason the Sox lost last night was because of Gil Meche.

Meche came into last night's contest having won his last three starts. He was 6-1 in his previous 10 starts, with a 2.65 ERA over that stretch. In other words, he's pitching well. And although the Red Sox got 4 hits and 5 walks off him, he struck out 9 batters in 6 innings, wiggling away from danger.

The Red Sox batters did their part by leaving 12 men on base. JD Drew's 0 for 4 hitting leadoff, and David Ortiz's 0 for 5 at the 3 spot hurt.

The Sox should recover on Wednesday when Beckett faces 7-9 Brian Bannister.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Ed Zurga