Friday, May 16, 2008


This post-season, the Celtics have been two different teams. At home, they shoot well, defend well, don't make mistakes, and they win. On the road, they shoot poorly, make big mistakes, and they lose.

Kevin Garnett had a good night with 25 points and 8 rebounds. Pierce added 16 points. But after that, the Celtics had next to no offense in this game. Ray Allen was 3 for 8 from the field 0 for 3 from beyond the arc, and only had 9 points. After a career night in game 5, Rondo only had 2 points to go along with 3 turnovers. The bench could only muster 12 points. Glen Davis (2 for 8 shooting) looked horribly awkward and clumsy in the 4th, missing shots down low, and fumbling rebounds.

The officiating didn't help much. An insanely incorrect charging call on Pierce with 0:49 left zapped any momentum the Celtics might have had. LeBron James slid into Pierce's path, and was knocked down with his feet still moving. Cleveland drained 21 seconds of clock with their ensuing possession. And with 0:14 left, Joe Smith appeared to travel after receiving an inbound pass. Instead, a foul was called on Rondo, and Smith's free throws essentially ended the game.

BUT, the Celtics should have taken care of business on their own. Defensively they had a phenomenal game, holding Cleveland under 75, and to 32.9% from the field; but offensively they just couldn't get right. They went on some big runs to make it close, but could never quite get over the top.

Now it's time for another game 7 in Boston. Hopefully the Celtics we know and love will show up. 3:35 PM, Sunday afternoon.

Apparently the bleach blond, spray-on-tan Tara Reid look is popular in Cleveland.


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5. The obvious reason: the series would be over and the Celtics would advance to the Eastern Conference final.

4. All the "experts" on ESPN would no longer be able to drone on and on about how the Celtics haven't won a road game in the playoffs.

3. Another game 7 means another opportunity for Dan Shaughnessy to write a column about how ashamed the Celtics should be for not winning a series in less than 7 games.

2. The very vocal, and very small number of Doc Rivers bashers won't have any solid material to spew when they're out drinking Friday and Saturday.

And #1...

No more LeBron James ball-washing!!!

Take a look at this clip:

The day after Mother's Day, LeBron berates his mother for trying to protect him, and all the announcers can talk about is how wonderful LeBron is for talking to Paul Pierce after the play. Everything LeBron does is some magical, beautiful experience for the national sports media. Pretty soon, ESPN will break the story that LeBron's shit actually doesn't stink.

Prediction: Celtics 92, Cavaliers 87