Friday, November 06, 2009


The Sox traded for Jeremy Hermida yesterday, sending minor league pitchers Jose Alvarez and Hunter Jones to the Marlins for him. Hermida is 25 years old. In 129 games with Florida, he hit .259 with a .348 OBP, 13 HR, and 47 RBI. He's a 4th outfielder with upside that's never been realized.



The B's secured the services of Tuuka Rask for at least two more years, signing him to an extension that will keep him in black and gold until 2013. The deal is worth $2.5 million total ($1M next season, $1.5M the second season).

Rask is only 22 years old and will likely be Tim Thomas' backup for the duration of the contract. That being said, he'll be 25 when the contract expires, and could be poised to be Thomas' heir apparent.

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It's hard to be happy after losing 3 straight. I guess I feel like Barack's White House spinsters when they talk about the country losing jobs, but losing them at a slower rate. You hate to lose on home ice, in the division, against a team as mediocre as the Canadiens. But at least you scored, and at least you stole a point.

This team isn't built to win in overtime or in shootouts. And even when Phil Kessel wore black and gold that was the case. Last year, the B's won shootouts because Thomas would make incredible saves, and the law of averages would catch up to the opposing netminder.

The Bruins put 42 shots onto Carey Price. To be honest, few of them were very good. The Bruins looked desperate for a goal tonight, trying to get a junk goal off a rebound or deflection, rather than simply trying to beat the goalie.

A perfect microcosm of the Bruins' offensive woes came in the 2nd period. On the power play, Tim Thomas made a great up-ice pass to Paille on the offensive blue-line. It was a perfectly placed pass from a goalie with clear European long-ice experience. But Paille couldn't handle it cleanly and hit a Bruin at the side of the crease. Instead he opted for a pass to the slot, which was defended well, and nothing amounted to it. Paille wouldn't be on the ice at all (nearly 16 minutes of ice time) if not for injuries, and as solidly as he's played in Boston, he messed up what should have been a goal.

The Bruins better build on whatever momentum they gather from this OT Loss, because the division leading Sabres come into town Saturday night.


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