Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Remember back in the day, when the WCW would lure older WWF wrestlers. We used to joke that the WCW was the WWF's retirement home. That's what the Broncos are turning into.

Maroney was shipped to the Rockies, along with a 6th round pick. In return, the Patriots received a 4th round pick, and some peace of mind.

Maroney isn't an NFL back. And with injury worries, I'm a bit surprised the Patriots were able to get anything at all for him. He's not a good receiver. His pass-rush protection is forgettable. You can't depend on him to get 1 yard on 3rd and short. And he'll frequently lose yardage. He lacks the one thing that's prized most in a runningback: reliability.

Talk about depreciation in value. The Patriots spent a 1st round pick and millions of cap space on this project, and now wind up with a 4th rounder (and lose a 6th rounder). Maroney serves as a good reminder that Belichick is mortal. And you've seen that the Patriots have since avoided drafting at that position.

Fred Taylor is the #1 back in New England. Today, at least. He was hurt last season. Considering his age, I wouldn't be shocked if he got hurt again. Morris will support, as will Green-Ellis. And the ageless Kevin Faulk will be the "passing down" RB.

In that lineup, there's simply no role for Maroney. When would he be the best (or even second best) choice to run the ball? And this isn't college football. Teams simply don't carry 5 runningbacks.

Looking forward, I'd like the Pats to draft a runningback in 2011. A power back. One who's proven that they can run through contact and still drive forward. Ever since the departure of Corey Dillon, the Pats have lacked that threat. And can you just imagine the headaches opposing defensive coordinators would have trying to stop both Brady AND a dynamic running game.