Monday, March 03, 2008


The Patriots and Randy Moss announced today that they agreed to a deal worth $27M over 3 years. This keeps Randy in a New England uniform for 2008, and keeps a key piece of last year's offensive juggernaut.

The past few days have been difficult for Pats fans. Guys like Rosevelt Colvin, Asante Samuel, Donte Stallworth and Randall Gay all leaving. Only special teamers like Lonie Paxton and Kelley Washington were free agents who were retained.

And then came the rumors. Hopeful media personalities from all over the country concocted stories of Randy Moss being interested in going anywhere and everywhere out of New England. One rumor had him going to Green Bay. Another had him going to Philly. Another had him reuniting with Daunte Culpeper.

Someone left a comment on my article about Gay leaving and observed that I wasn't at all upset by any of the losses the Patriots have endured this off-season. And days like today are why. By "losing" Rosevelt Colvin, Donte Stallworth, and Asante Samuel, the Pats actually gain something. Had these guys been retained and overpaid for, the Pats would have less cap room. Which means other positions would suffer. In effect, hanging onto guys like Samuel and Gay for an inflated price would be the true loss.

The $9M per season Moss will receive is somewhat of a bargain. It isn't nearly as cheap as he got in 2007. Nor is it lower than he would have gotten if the Patriots had placed the franchise tag on him. However, wrapping him up for 3 years is extremely good news.

In fact, some sources speculate that the Eagles offered Moss more money. Not surprisingly, Randy decided to take less money to play on a better team, with a better quarterback, for a better coach, and in a nicer city.

Philadelphia Daily News


LSU alum and Baton Rouge native Randall Gay is going home to Louisiana. Although, he didn't give the Saints much of a hometown discount. Depending on playing time, Gay will get upwards of $17M over the next four years, a tidy sum for a player who is essentially a nickel CB.

Once again, another team has driven up the price on a Patriot player. Once again the Patriots were not willing to overpay for such a player. Once again, the Patriots will have to find a replacement.