Monday, March 03, 2008


LSU alum and Baton Rouge native Randall Gay is going home to Louisiana. Although, he didn't give the Saints much of a hometown discount. Depending on playing time, Gay will get upwards of $17M over the next four years, a tidy sum for a player who is essentially a nickel CB.

Once again, another team has driven up the price on a Patriot player. Once again the Patriots were not willing to overpay for such a player. Once again, the Patriots will have to find a replacement.



  1. It seems to me that every Pats player that they don’t sign has been viewed by you as no big loss. Is there anyone who the Pats have yet to resign that you would think would really hurt the team by leaving? Moss maybe?

  2. Without a doubt losing Moss would be a major loss. I felt like Samuel and Colvin were big losses, as well. But given the reality of the salary cap, they were necessary and practical losses. Actually, overpaying for them would have been a bigger loss, because it would mean skimping somewhere else.