Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A Yankee clubhouse official has alleged that Roger Clemens took Viagra as a performance enhancing drug. No, not that kind of performance. On the field performance.

NY Daily News story

Apparently Viagra helps build endurance for athletes and increases the flow of oxygen to muscles. It also gives you wood, which can help some athletes tackle the side effects of other performance enhancers.

This Roger Clemens stuff keeps getting better and better.


Phil Jackson got fined for whining about the officiating in Sunday night's 108-102 loss to the Celtics. The Celtics got to the line many more times than the Lakers did, Kobe had a few soft fouls called on him, and the Celtics played a physical game down low. Then again, the Lakers aren't exactly a hard-nosed team that will draw a lot of fouls.

But any bad officiating wasn't one way. The lack of a travelling call on this play is simply grotesque. Travelling isn't like a foul or pass interference. There's no opinion in travelling. Too many steps is too many steps. Radmanovic took too many steps, the call was never made, and had the Lakers come from behind, maybe Doc Rivers would be the one complaining.

But Phil Jackson needs to shut up. Can't he just say "We were outplayed?" For as much crap as Bill Belichick takes in the national media, he's never copped out of a loss or used excuses like Jackson has. Phil Jackson, you'll never be even on the same level as Red Auerbach, so quit with the token LA excuses and admit that the Celtics were the better team in games 1 and 2.