Friday, July 17, 2009


In a not so surprising move, the Sox designated Julio Lugo for assignment. In other words, he'll be traded or given his outright release within 10 days. With Mike Lowell and Jed Lowrie due for activation off the DL, the move was quite expected. Lugo has struggled defensively and offensively with the Sox since signing a 4 year, $36M deal before the 2007 season.

To me, the Julio Lugo signing is one of the worst in recent Red Sox history. JD Drew's massive deal gets more publicity, but at least Drew is an adequate fielder, and has come up with big hits and the occasional homerun laden hot streak.

When the Sox signed Lugo, they were the only team who saw him as a shortstop. The Dodgers wanted him, but as a second baseman. He had negligible power, which is typical of most shortstops, but apart from his 2005 season, he'd never hit higher than .285, nor had an OBP above .350. Moreover, he had already committed 122 errors in his 7 year career, or 17 a season.

The Sox still owe him over $13M of his contract. It isn't the first time the Sox will be paying a shortstop who doesn't wear a Sox uniform.

But good riddance. Jed Lowrie is a most capable defensive shortstop, and Nick Green has been solid on the field and at the plate.