Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The title isn't a mistake, I'm well aware of the fact that we're playing Cleveland in the ALCS. This article, however, is a comparison of the sports in Boston and the sports in New York.

Ladies and gentlemen, Boston is on top of New York across the board. New York sports suck compared to us.

Let's start with baseball. The Yankees may have won the season series against us 10-8, and they may have come from 14 games behind to make the divisional race exciting, and they came back from a crappy start to win the Wild Card. But they lost to the Indians in the LDS. Despite spending over $1 billion since 2000, the Yankees haven't won the World Series in this century.

We all know by now that the Yankees were eliminated last night by Cleveland. We also know that the NY Mets suffered one of the most embarrassing collapses in regular season history. With the Red Sox winning the AL East, and advancing to the ALCS, Boston baseball is doing much better than New York baseball.

Let's move on to football. The NY Giants are actually doing pretty well, with a 3-2 record. It's still very early in the season to be making any judgments, except for maybe one: the Jets suck. Mangini's squad is 1-4, and it isn't because people are videotaping their signals. The Jets are so pathetic that their fans cheered Chad Pennington getting injured.

Meanwhile, the Patriots are one of three 5-0 teams in the NFL. They've scored 182 points (most in the NFL) which is 36.4 points per game. They've also allowed the 6th fewest points (4 of the 5 teams ahead of them have only played 4 games). So far, the Pats have outscored their opponents by 117 points, or 23.4 per game. Again, it's still early, and the schedule gets much tougher from here on out, but as of right now the Pats are viewed as the #1 team in the NFL. But even though it's early, New England already has at least a 4 game lead on every team in the AFC East.

The Jets and Giants have a combined record of 4-6. Even together, they don't match the Patriots' win total. Boston is definitely ahead of New York in football.

The basketball season hasn't started yet, but let's just look at what the Knicks and Celtics did in the off-season. The Celtics acquired two studs in KG and Ray Allen. The Knicks were busy dealing with sexual harassment suits. Advantage: Boston.

In hockey, the Bruins suck. The Rangers are good, and if you want to throw in the Devils and Islanders, they're good too. Advantage: New York. But it's hockey, c'mon.

How about college football? Neither Boston or New York are hotbeds of college sports. But Boston has a D-IA team within its city limits. New York doesn't, but there is a team that became so popular last year that the Empire State Building was lit up in its school colors. Rutgers became New York's team last season. Probably not all New Yorkers, but what else do they have? Army? Syracuse? Maybe UConn?

Anyway, Rutgers sucked. After rising to #10 in the country due to crushing Buffalo, Navy, and mighty Norfolk State, Rutgers has lost 2 in a row and dropped from the rankings. Boston College, on the other hand, is 6-0 for the first time since 1942. BC has had some cupcakes on their schedule, but they did go down to Atlanta and beat Georgia Tech. The Eagles are ranked 4th in the nation and have the inside track to winning the ACC Atlantic Division. Advantage: Boston.

Oh yeah, the Revolution are also ahead of NY/NJ in Major League Soccer standings.

So the only sport in which the New York metro area has a clear advantage over Boston is hockey. In baseball, NFL football, basketball, college football, and even soccer, it is all Boston.

New York sucks.