Wednesday, June 09, 2010


With two starters toting 6.00+ ERAs, you'd expect a slugfest. But instead, it was more of a pitcher's duel. As the Sox edged the Indians 3-2.

The Sox scored all their runs in the 4th. Youkilis had an RBI double, then Ortiz an RBI single and eventually Hall had an RBI double to knock in Ortiz. And that would be all that Wakefield and the bullpen would require.

Okajima and Ramirez each recorded one out. And Bard got the save. But it was Wakefield's 7.1 innings that spearheaded the effort.

The Sox go for the sweep tonight as 1-5 Justin Masterson, an old friend, opposes 8-3 Clay Buchholz.


Paul Pierce said that the Celtics weren't going to go back to LA. Now, he'd better pray that they will. Because quite frankly, the Lakers took it to the Celtics last night. It wasn't a woodshed beatdown, but the Lakers took charge of this game in the 1st and never left the driver's seat, like a truck-driver on pep pills.

Ray Allen scored a measly 2 goddamned points. He was 0/13 from the field. Yet for some reason, he was trying to make 3-pointers late in the 4th quarter. I know full well that he had an historic outing in Game 2, and I know that he's not really an 0/13 shooter, but neither is he an 8/11 3-point shooter. Nobody is, at least not for longer than one night at a time.

Let's face facts, folks. The Lakers are a good T-E-A-M, team. And while Paul Pierce might have been confident in "Celtics in 5," I think it's quite clear that it will be much harder and much more difficult work than that. The Celtics are also going to have to function as a team. Instead of benefiting from freakishly good outings by Ray Allen, and then Rajon Rondo, all of the C's cogs will have to grind and gear properly, in order to manufacture wins in this series.

So what's the advice for Ray Allen? Make more shots. How about everyone else? Just play better. It's monstrously simple to say, yet exceedingly difficult to carry out.

Game 3 Thursday night, also at 9pm. Thanks, NBA.

Photo Credit:
The Canadian Press