Sunday, January 29, 2006


David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Kevin Millar, Manny Ramirez, Orlando Cabrera, Trot Nixon, Mark Bellhorn, Jason Varitek, Bill Mueller, Curt Schilling, Terry Francona, Gabe Kapler, Mike Timlin, Allan Embree, Pokey Reese, Doug Mirabelli, Dave Roberts, Tim Wakefield, Kevin Youkilis, Bronson Arroyo, Derek Lowe, Keith Foulke, and the rest of the 2004 World Series Champion Red Sox had little to do with having such great clubhouse chemistry that allowed them to win the World Series 2 years ago. It was all Johnny Damon. That's according to Johnny.

This is from the Eagle Tribune:

"'I remember my first day with the Red Sox and I could not believe how boring the team was, how boring the clubhouse was and how miserable everybody was,' said Damon. 'I like to think that I helped change how fans looked at the team, how the media looked at the team and how the team got together and it was different. How the players stopped being afraid of failing, which I think was why we were able to accomplish something that hadn't been done in a very long time. Now I want to bring that attitude to New York. You must win and you must have confidence, because if you don't have that in this city it will definitely eat you up.'"

Everytime he is photographed or quoted, it becomes easier and easier to not like him.