Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The three stars from Monday night's win were Patrice Bergeron, Vladdy Sobotka, and Dennis Wideman. I'm flabbergasted that Tuukka Rask did not make that list. Then again, it's not as if Bergeron, Sobotka, Wideman, Recchi, Boychuk, Chara, Hunwick, and Rask didn't deserve spots in that grouping. There can only be three "stars" in the game. But the Bruins were stellar as a team.

Where would this team be without Mark Recchi? At the country club. Nuf said.

Vladimir Sobotka and Johnny Boyhuck have both earned spots in the lineup for the 2010-11 season. Sobotka seems to be involved in every pivotal play. And Boychuk seems to be part of every turning point.

I was absolutely stunned to see that the Bruins only had 29 shots on goal in this game. It seemed like they had 40. Time of possession is an NFL stat, but the Bruins dominated in that area as well. The puck was almost always in Buffalo's zone, and Miller was always threatened.

This was a perseverance win for the Bruins. They played hard, then good things happened. And the passes that set-up both goals were nothing short of marvelous. Sobotka slipping a sandbagging pass to Wideman in the slot. Recchi instantly finding Bergeron in the same space.

I loved seeing the Sabres' emotionality after these goals. This is an opponent that isn't accustomed to playoff hockey, not used to struggling. They seem close to being unhinged. A physical effort from Sobotka, Boychuk, and hopefully Lucic in Game 4 can push them over the edge.

Game 4, Wednesday night at the Garden.

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