Wednesday, January 13, 2010


BU beat BC 3-2 last Friday night on the ice at Fenway. And not only did BU win the game, they won the fashion show as well. Both teams debuted commemorative jerseys for the event. BC's were gold with maroon and green stripes (for the Green Monster), and a diamond logo on the back instead of a name.

Meanwhile, BU went with their traditional scarlet and white. But the "Boston" on the front of the jersey was in the Red Sox' font. And two red socks on skates adorned each shoulder.

One of the slickest jerseys I've ever seen. And BU isn't going to sell any of them. I don't really know why. Perhaps with the Red Sox' font and logos, there are some licensing issues. But it's a shame. As a hockey fan, a Red Sox fan, and a jersey connoisseur, I definitely feel like we're missing out.