Tuesday, January 19, 2010

self saBotage

The excuses are many, but still insufficient. Were games like this one uncommon, perhaps such excuses could be accepted as valid. But the Bruins have built themselves a new reputation this season. In last year's playoffs, the team's PR motto was: We Want It As Bad As You.

The slogan for the 09-10 season? We Play As Bad As You.

Injuries can forgive losses in close games, like we saw on the 1-1-1 Westcoast trip. And certainly players who have been hurt, like Bergeron and Krejci, can receive occasional hall passes for poor play.

But unhealthiness can't explain Blake Wheeler's inability to maintain posession of the puck. Blake's new nickname: Vonda Mahoney (the name of the "easy girl" in Family Matters that tried to repay Steve's tutoring with sexual favors. Only for Steve to convince her to be a prude) because he gives it up as easily as she did.

I'm convinced more and more that the Bruins acquired Satan to at least partially replace both Wheeler or Ryder.

Hopefully, losses like this one will ignite a fire under the asses. I've been kind of hoping for a bad streak of losses. The Bruins' bipolar, on-and-off efforts need to stop. The team has to hit bottom. And only then, coupled with the return of injured players, will give them a chance to achieve Springtime significance.

Bruins get the BJ's Thursday night.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Michael Dwyer