Saturday, December 17, 2005


The Patriots are once again contenders. They beat the previously 9-4 NFC South leading Buccaneers. They beat them pretty easily. They beat them 28-0. The Patriots clinched the 2005 AFC East title. It is their 3rd straight divisional title, their fourth in five years, and their 8th of all-time.

The Patriots just looked better in every aspect of the game. They seemed to move faster. They seemed to play with a bit more ferocity. The offense did well, but the defense totally dominated this game. The longest run they Buccs had was a 4 yard carry by Pittman in the 4th quarter. Tampa had 30 total rushing yards.

Their passing game was also held in check, mostly through defensive pressure. The Pats racked up 7 sacks. Bruschi and McGinist each had 2. Artrell Hawkins, Roosevelt Colvin, and Mike Vrabel each had a takedown of the QB. Bruschi also added a forced fumble as did Mike Vrabel. McGinist had a fumble recovery and a nice return after it to set up a score. The Buccs only had 108 yards of passing. They had 138 yards of offense compared to our 336.

Tom Brady had a great game. His Questionable listing worried me, but he did very well. He had a lot of time thanks to the O-line and his receivers did a great job for him. He threw for 258 yards and 3 TDs. He spread the ball to 9 different receivers (4 WRs, 1 TE, 3 RBs, 1 OT). By the way, how screwed up is it that LB Mike Vrabel is now a decoy? GREAT play on the goal-line getting Ashworth the ball.

David Givens had a career high receiving day. He caught 6 passes for 137 yards and a TD. He also had 2 carries for 13 yards.

Everyone else had a solid day. It was really good seeing vrabel play a comfortable outside positio nagain. Colvin has begun to step up and show some of the stuff he showed before he got hurt last season. Bruschi is definately back. McGinist is as good as ever. Seymour, Warren, and Wilfork are all doing their jobs. The defense is really starting to come together.

The Pats have a long week. They play the night after Christmas against the Jets in New Jersey. That should be an easy victory. Then they finish the season on New Years Day against the Phins in Foxborough. Considering the Dolphins history in Foxborough when it is cold, that should be a win. I'm not saying these games are won, I'm only saying they should be.

If the Pats beat the Jets and the Phins, they'll finish 11-5. They're probably going to be the 4th seed. If Denver and Cincinatti screw up, we'll be a 3rd seed. That means a 1st round home game against one of these 4 teams in the Wild Card races: Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Kansas City, and San Diego. None of those teams really scare me, but none of those teams would be easy games to win. Heck, we lost to KC and San Diego. San Diego even beat us at home. But that wasn't in January. This team looks different though. Maybe it won't last. But if it does, we are definately contenders.


With Manny Ramirez's situation up in the air, and Johnny Damon being the league's biggest flirt, the Red Sox are not surprisingly looking at other outfield options. One of them, is Cleveland's Coco Crisp. The Indians, like the Yankees, Dodgers, Astros, and Braves, are looking at Nomar Garciaparra. They view Nomar as a potential right fielder. The Red Sox appear to be talking about dealing newly acquired prospect Andy Marte along with newly acquired releiver Guillermo Mota for Crisp.

The 26 year old outfielder hit .300 last season with 69 RBI, 16 HR, and an OBP of .345. He also stole 15 bases in 21 attempts. He's a solid player, but he is hardly on the same level as Ramirez or Damon. Furthermore, the Red Sox can save a prospect like Marte for pitching. In fact, I think they should. Especially if we don't have Ramirez or Damon, our run scoring ability will be dramatically lower. This means our pitching needs to be that much better just to be where we were last season. and where we were last season wasn't good enough.

Roger Clemens is said to be considering four teams to play for. The Astros, the Rangers, the Yankees, and the Red Sox. He's also more apt to retire than play. There's also the possibility that he'd play a partial season. time will tell with this situation.

The Red Sox are going to arbitration with Doug Mientkiewicz. Over a f*cking baseball! Seriously, the Red Sox need to focus on making a winning team and forget about an inanimate baseball. It isn't as if Mientkiewicz has been keeping the ball to himself. Maybe the arbitrator will grant joint custody. The Red Sox will be able to visit for a few hours every weekend.

The Patriots can win the AFC East today with a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Pats can also win the division if the hapless Jets overcome the mediocre Dolphins on Sunday. Here is the Pats injury report for the game:

T Matt Light (Ankle)

T Tom Ashworth (Knee)
QB Tom Brady (Shin)
RB Corey Dillon (Calf)
FB Heath Evans (Shoulder)
RB Kevin Faulk (Foot)
TE Daniel Graham (Shoulder)
CB Artrell Hawkins (Thigh)
WR Bethel Johnson (Pelvis)
T Nick Kaczur (Shoulder)
FB Patrick Pass (Hamstring)
CB Asante Samuel (Infection)
SS Michael Stone (Ankle)
TE Ben Watson (Head)