Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bruins, Bad Habits, BAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I don't care if the Bruins win or lose these games down the stretch. I don't care about winning the Northeast Division. The playoffs are all about matchups, not seeding. I care about how poorly this team is playing. They show up, give us one good period, then they cruise.

And the mistakes are getting worse. Both David Krejci and Brad Marchand, two of the best forwards on the team, made inexcusable turnovers in the middle of the ice.

Just a sidenote, I don't mind Julien sitting Marchand for the remainder of the period after that giveaway, but it aggravates me that he did nothing after Lucic made bad play after bad play, yet one mistake from Marchand and it's ride the pine time.

Anton Khudobin compounded things with a truly bad goal. The Bruins were down by 3, which is just about insurmountable for this team's offense to overcome. Even with Power Plays. Krejci made it a 4-2 game, but another turnover 13 seconds later made it a 3-goal game again.

One bright spot was that a trio of newcomers generated the other Bruins goal. Wade Redden scored it, assisted by Jagr and Carl Soderberg.

I'm tired of turnovers. I'm tired of an impotent Power Play. The playoffs are a week away. This team will be brushed aside if they don't change their ways by then.

B's host the Lightning Thursday night.

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It's Time to Say "Adios" to Alfredo Aceves

You broke my heart, Fredo. You broke my heart.

It's time to give Aceves the kiss of death. I don't want him here. And I don't think he wants to be here either.

In Spring Training he was the only player on the team who had an apparent problem with the new way the Red Sox were doing things. He isn't on the same page with the catchers' signals. He isn't on the same page with who covers second base in a pickoff. And last night was a mixture of walks, balks, and what the fucks. Late to cover first, then doesn't immediately turn to hold a runner at third, then throws the ball away.

He just needs to go. Find some journeyman bum to take his roster spot. Give some guy who has been stuck in AAA for 5 years a shot. I don't care. I'm tired of him being on this team. Because he isn't on this team. He goes out there, on an island, pitches like crap, then the rest of the team suffers for it.

So let's either release Fredo, or put him on a boat, take him fishing at Lake Tahoe, shoot him, and toss his corpse in the lake.

Oh, and Bartolo Colon looks like a younger version of deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

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