Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The NHL free agency period begins on July 1st, and you can bet the farm that the Bruins will be calling Marian Hossa's agent, if they haven't already started talking to each other.

The Bruins tried to get Marian Hossa in February, but were unwilling to part with Phil Kessel, which turned out to be a deal breaker for the Penguins. But now Hossa has expressed an interest in testing the lucrative waters of free agency.

The problem is that the Bruins don't have much cap space. Making a competitive offer to Hossa would require creating some, most likely through the dismissal of veteran winger Glen Murray. But even then, the best the Bruins could do would be to match the other offers Hossa receives, and there will be plenty of those.

The Red Wings and Penguins will be in the mix, and they can offer Hossa a better chance to hoist the Stanley Cup. Then again, Hossa would be a secondary star for both teams. If he were to come to Boston, he'd already be on the same level with, if not slightly above Patrice Bergeron.

The offensive flexibility offered by Hossa is mouth watering, especially since the Bruins were 24th in goals scored last season. Hossa would also help out the Bruins' 16th ranked power play.

But I honestly don't see why Hossa would choose Boston. Due to the cap, they can't really outbid other teams for him. They can't offer him a great chance at winning a Cup. About the only thing the B's have in their favor is that Zdeno Chara is friends with Hossa. But God only knows what that means. The two played in Ottawa together, and for the Slovakian national team, so I'm sure they're buddies; but I doubt they call each other every night just to chat, or text each other in between periods.

It would be nice, though, for the Bruins to have a Kevin Garnett moment.

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The Sox were on the short end of a 2-1 duel between Dan Haren and Josh Beckett. Haren went 7 and only allowed 2 hits. The Sox only managed 4 hits in total, and got their lone run off reliever Tony Pena in the 8th.

Beckett pitched well enough to win. He allowed 2 runs in 8 innings while striking out 8. That's something encouraging to take from this game. He's only allowed 11 runs in his past 40 innings (2.48 ERA), which is what we're used to seeing from him. But in those 40 innings (which came over 6 starts), he's only 2-2. But as the quality starts continue, the wins will follow.

One bad thing to take from this game was the early exit of Kevin Youkilis. During warm ups in between innings, Mike Lowell bounced a ball, and it hit Youk in the eye. He started to swell up and was replaced by Brandon Moss at first (Casey started his 3 game suspension). The CT scan was negative. But losing Youkilis for any period of time hurts, especially with Ortiz on the DL and Casey suspended.

Justin Masterson goes against Doug Davis Tuesday night.

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