Sunday, November 30, 2008


The Patriots are 7-5, they were just embarrassed by the Steelers, and the situation somehow isn't that grim when you really think about it.

I know, I'm trying to be as positive as I can here. But to be fair to the Patriots, they haven't played a defense in the same league as Pittsburgh's and won't again for the rest of the regular season.

And let's be honest, the Patriots defense is mediocre at best. They can't tackle, the pressure on the QB is either absent or horribly inconsistent. Tedy Bruschi is a ghost on the field these days. And there's no pressure from the outside.

Matt Cassel obviously has the skill set and the God given ability to be a premier quarterback in this League. But he's lacking consistency. After two impressive weeks that had the town idiots throughout Greater Boston proposing scenarios to keep Cassel, maybe all of us will remember that he's just started on the road to being a high calibre player, and he might not reach that destination until he's wearing different laundry.

But this team has the capacity to do some damage if they get their shit together. They just have a lot of shit to get together. The Jets and Bills lost, so the division is still within reach. And besides Tennessee and Pittsburgh, who poses a significant threat in the AFC?

The Pats have Seattle on the road next Sunday in a rare December scrimmage.


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