Thursday, March 23, 2006


Adam Stern had yet another good Spring outing and is making a good case for the Red Sox to carry 5 outfielders. He went 3 for 5 with a double, a homerun, and a stolen base. He also knocked in two runs. He is batting .429 in Grapefruit League play to go along with his .667 WBC average. Overall in Spring games he is batting .500 (15 for 30) and is slugging 0.967 combined.

Willy Mo Pena also did well, going 2 for 4 with a laser homerun and 2 RBI. It wasn't enough thoush as Papelbon gave up 2 runs in 5 innings, Timlin gave up a run in an inning, and Riske gave up 2 runs in an inning. Craig Hansen continued his scoreless Spring with a clean sheet in the 8th.

You'd think that Indy fans would be jumping for joy. After all, last season ended for them on a missed field goal and they had just signed the guy who almost never misses when it matters most. Yet it seems as though many Colts fans are dissapointed to see Mike Vanderjagt leaving and going to Dallas and Adam Vinatieri coming to Indianapolis. This makes me wonder, maybe Indy fans are morons. Also, maybe Pats fans are overreacting.

Opening day in Arlington, TX is getting closer and closer. There are still a few questions yet to be answered, however. Curt Schilling will start on Opening Day, and Beckett will come after that. But who will be #3? Probably Clement who has had a good spring. Then Wakefield. Then the #5 hole which is vacant because Wells won't be starting until the 10th game of the season. Papelbon will probably pitch there, but if he does well, will he be removed from the rotation?

Then there's the question of the backup catcher. The pride of Ithaca: Josh Bard, has seen the most time there this spring. He brings some experience to the position with 149 games caught with the Indians. In 1,197.2 innings behind the dish, he has allowed 9 passed balls or 1 every 133 innings. He's batted .278 this spring and has seen more time than the other catchers. Unless the Sox can acquire another backup catcher, I think he will be it.