Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Red Sox starting out for the season

I don’t care if the Red Sox win this season or not, I just want them to play better than last season and not be the laughing stock of the MLB. Last season was really harsh and the fans have somewhat abandoned their home team, but they have worked hard to better themselves and this year’s team is ready to go in fighting. The 2013 MLB season has just got in to full swing and so far it looks like the Red Sox might just redeem themselves after last year’s travesty.

After the marathon bombing, teams and fans have stood together, the optimism is building slowly again and there is a certain determination of not being beaten down by the recent events. Instead of fans staying home and enjoying elite online entertainment at sites like Gaming Club they are venturing out to support their cities teams and throw their weight behind events.

Opening day saw the Sox being pitted against an Evil Empire, who have been on a winning streak recently that now seems to be waning. The Bronx Bombers were set to play the Sox and it was hopeful that the Yanks Empire would topple and they would lose. The new Sox team had to prove themselves and started off the game with Jon Lester taking the mound and facing off against CC Sabathia. Lester got the game going with a bang as he made it through the first inning without allowing a hit to get past.

It took some last ditch home runs by the Sox in the 9th innings but they capitalised the singles and made it happen. This was their biggest weakness last year and it looks like this year they have managed to close the gap and get past the errors of the season before.

The Red Sox walked away with a win of 8-2 but honestly it was a touch and go game that could have gone either way. It was a little like tiptoeing on broken glass, but it was still a win-something that seemed to elude them most of last season. As a starting out game it wasn’t bad, but you can bet they need to keep improving, because the New York team was a little broken and the Sox can’t get ahead of themselves, they need to keep training and kick butt.

Felger and Mazz Were Morons Yesterday

So yesterday afternoon I would turn on Felger and Mazz, then after 3 minutes of listening to their inane, ignorant, and repetitive whining about the Patriots Draft, I'd have to turn off the radio.

What pisses me off is that they repeatedly admit that they don't know much about these college players, and just before they say they disagree with what the Patriots did, they say "I don't understand." They don't understand, so they disagree.

They questioned the Patriots trading out of the 1st round. But this was the most unremarkable, mediocre draft in recent memory. Unless you were looking for offensive tackles, this draft was like a buffet of bologna sandwiches. Some had mustard. Some didn't. None of them were worth cutting in line. And maybe it was better to wait longer to get more.

Neither Felger and Mazz asked or answered a simple question: Who would you have taken at 29? Who was so good at 29? All of the players out there, apart from a few taken at the front of the draft, were if-he-can players. All of the players available were chances. It made sense to take more chances than just one.

And other teams felt the same. The Chiefs waited as long as possible for someone to offer to take the #1 overall pick. Other teams traded out. It seemed like only the Jets and Vikings truly wanted to pick in the First Round.

Then Felger and Mazz criticized the amount of Rutgers players taken. Felger got emotional and accused the Patriots of taking players because Bill Belichick's son Stephen Belichick might have known them in class.

Rutgers had the #4 defense in college football last year (behind Alabama, Notre Dame, and BYU). They allowed 14.2 points per game, and only 20 offensive TDs (the same amount Bama allowed) in 13 games. The Patriots drafted two DBs and a linebacker from that defense. I doubt they went into the Draft planning to take three Scarlet Knights. But in the later rounds they were still there. They took three players from a good defense, who were coached well, who might fit into the Patriots system.

No matter what happened in the Draft, Felger and Mazz were going to have a Monday show revolving around how the Patriots think they're smarter than everyone else. They have fallen in love with that narrative based on selective facts, uninformed opinions, and emotional baggage from the 2005 Patriots offseason.

I know writing a blog post about what a pair of jabbering sportsradio personalities fill their 4 hours with is kind of lame. But these two reached an uncharted level of simple-mindedness, emotionalism, and whining. Felger was spouting baseless conspiracy theories. Mazz sounded like a C- student complaining that he didn't understand the test, even though the A and B students had no complaints. Mazz sounded the most like the kid who doesn't get algebra when Mike from Wayland called, and Mazz thought he caught the caller on a mistake. "Yes you did! Yes you did! Yes you did!"

I'm surprised Mazz didn't say "I am rubber, you are glue," or "Takes one to know one."

Every fact that was brought up to refute Felger's theories was dismissed. Every questioning of Mazz's complaints was misunderstood.

They don't understand, so they get frustrated. THERE WAS NOBODY BLATANTLY GOOD AT 29. Rutgers had a great defense. The Patriots have drafted well recently. They traded up last year when suitable talent was available. This year the situation was different. But such a thought is too complex for them to understand. And instead of trying to understand something that strays from the narrative they've constructed, they strongly disagree with it.

I'm done venting. Give Mike from Wayland his own segment on the show. Even if it's just to school Felger.

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