Friday, May 16, 2008


5. The obvious reason: the series would be over and the Celtics would advance to the Eastern Conference final.

4. All the "experts" on ESPN would no longer be able to drone on and on about how the Celtics haven't won a road game in the playoffs.

3. Another game 7 means another opportunity for Dan Shaughnessy to write a column about how ashamed the Celtics should be for not winning a series in less than 7 games.

2. The very vocal, and very small number of Doc Rivers bashers won't have any solid material to spew when they're out drinking Friday and Saturday.

And #1...

No more LeBron James ball-washing!!!

Take a look at this clip:

The day after Mother's Day, LeBron berates his mother for trying to protect him, and all the announcers can talk about is how wonderful LeBron is for talking to Paul Pierce after the play. Everything LeBron does is some magical, beautiful experience for the national sports media. Pretty soon, ESPN will break the story that LeBron's shit actually doesn't stink.

Prediction: Celtics 92, Cavaliers 87


  1. So I guess when the media slurps all over Kevin Garnett, Tom Brady, and David Ortiz it is OK and that it is only "ball washing" when it is done to someone that DOESN'T play for a Boston team. Got it.

    In other news, if it does come down to a Pistons/Celtics ECF, I think the Pistons have the advantage. They have a deeper bench and obviously will be better rested. Plus if any team can crack the "fortress" that the Celtics have built it is a solid veteran team that has played together for years and years.

  2. I don't think I said anything at all regarding the national media, and how they idolize guys like Brady or KG.