Friday, November 02, 2012

Patriots Trade for Aqib Talib

It's rare that NFL teams make much noise at the trade deadline, so even a whisper can seem deafening. Aqib Talib is a solid cornerback, who will become the top CB on the depth chart once he's able to play. He's currently serving a suspension for taking adderall without a prescription. He can return on the 18th.

Talib's status as the Patriots' #1 CB is more of a statement about the current stable of defensive backs as opposed to Talib's prowess at the position. Although when he stays out of trouble, Talib is a decent coverage corner. And the Patriots haven't had one of those for a few years.

It will be nice to have a smart CB for once. Someone who doesn't find themselves out of position. Someone who knows to turn their head when the ball is coming, in order to avoid PI penalties.

The Patriots gave up a 4th round pick for Talib, and received a 7th round selection.

Talib might not get the defense, as simple as it is. One never knows. And he could be charged with aggravated assault again. But to me this is low risk, medium-to-high reward. He can be a solid coverage corner, and Alfonzo Dennard is looking good. Devin McCourty can be shifted to safety.

He's a serious player in a defensive backfield full of jokes.

And if you're feeling depressed, just yell out "AQIB TALIB!" and you'll feel better. Trust me.

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