Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I tried coming up with a play on words for the headline but my brain is mush today. Something with appeasement or pissed off, there are too many possibilities for me to focus properly.

Anyway, the Ravens have hired the former Patriot D-Coordinator to be their LB Coach. Pees was the LB Coach up here until being promoted to coordinator.

I'm not surprised. Did the Patriots defense seem coordinated to anyone? Pees seems like a guy that can help out veterans, specifically at linebacker (he'll have Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs down there), but struggled to coach younger players.

To be fair to Pees, he was handed the keys to a poorly constructed and unfurnished house. He had an inexperienced defensive backfield, a below average LB Corps, and the unit had just lost its biggest leaders (Bruschi, Harrison, Seymour).


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