Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trying to feed my kids some extra nutiritious snacks for a change

Guest post written by Elise Sanders.

My kids are always hopped up on sugar and I want to make sure that it doesn't stay that way. I'm realizing that it is possible for kids to like some great tasting healthy snacks. Even though I assumed for years that I would never get my kids to eat healthy stuff. Some of my friends feed their kids healthy food and I would like to get my kids to eat that way too.

I've been looking around online to find some ideas about how to get my kids to make that transition without ending in lots of tantrums. One thing that I found online during my research was some info on how to consolidate your credit cards. I was really happy to find it because that's another family issue that I need to address.

I'm chocked full of all kinds of great nutritious snacks ideas and I really hope that my kids are going to like all of them. But I think that my husband and I are going to have to lead by example and at least act like we like these snacks for the kids to enjoy them.


  1. I believe you have been hacked.

  2. No. Just an ad. But thanks, though.

  3. J.Kru5:07 PM

    The "me and my husband" threw me a bit. I guess that since you are in Massachusetts I shouldn't assume, but still...