Thursday, March 22, 2007


No kidding?

When the Red Sox passed on the few available closers out on the market this offseason, and collected a mass of set-up men and bullpen driftwood, you kind of had the feeling that the search for a closer would end where it began.

The Red Sox claim (claim being an operative word) that the shoulder damage done last season has been sufficiently healed that it will be OK for Papelbon to close next year. Weird how this news emerges from Sox camp AFTER all of his potential replacements fail to shine, AFTER Mike Timlin has trouble with his arm, and AFTER the announcement was made that he would close. Just a tad weird.

Papelbon was to take the #4 spot in the rotation. Wakefield will move up to said slot, and Tavarez will pitch in the 5 hole. I would not be at all shocked if Jon Lester is even more carefully watched by the front office in Boston while he's pitching in AAA. The same goes for any other pitcher down there.

In sad news, it is being reported that NESN broadcaster/journalist/hotty Hazel Mae will be getting married to Kevin Barker, a non-roster invitee to Blue Jays Spring Training.

Honestly, a tear came to my eye when I read this story.

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