Monday, April 02, 2007


Overrall the Sox look good for 2007. Certain things need to fall in place for us. We need the top of the order to get on base. We need Drew to give us some offensive production. We need Manny and Ortiz to continue being Manny Ortez. We need to score around 900 runs this season. We need our starting pitchers to step-up. And we need somebody from the bullpen to emerge and clarify the final few innings of games for us.

I think this team will have a shaky start, but will eventually be cohesive and successful. We'll win 95 games, which may or may not be good enough for a playoff spot. I think it will win us a Wild Card. I think we'll make it to the ALCS and lose, simply because Schilling will be worn down, as will Papelbon and Timlin. Hopefully I'm right that we'll make it to the ALCS, and hopefully I'm wrong that we'll lose.

Schilling vs. Meche, Boston vs. Kansas City at 4:10 this afternoon.

I, for one, am very excited. GO SOX!

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