Monday, April 09, 2007


Buy your World Series tickets now. The Red Sox picked up JD Durbin from the Diamondbacks (off waivers, I'm assuming, information is scarce on this transaction). Durbin is 24 years old, and a former member of the Twins organization. He was drafted out of high school so he's been in the minors for a long while. Last year at AAA Rochester, he had a decent year as a starting pitcher, with a 2.33 ERA in 16 starts. But his record was 4-3 and he only averaged about 5 and a half innings per start.

In 2004, he made 3 relief appearances and 1 start for the Twins. He pitched 7.1 innings and allowed 6 earned runs. This year, he made the D-Bax Opening Day roster, but only made one appearance, a 0.2 inning effort in which he allowed 7 hits, a walk, and 7 earned runs.

Seems like yet another roll of the dice by Theo and the Sox in an attempt to build a sturdy bullpen.

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