Thursday, August 02, 2007


Once again, the Sox scored multiple runs in the 7th, propelling them to a victory over the Orioles. The Sox squandered and/or blew several scoring opportunities, but the 7 runs that they did put up proved to be enough. Mirabelli had the most glaring blown run with his baserunning folly in the 6th, but he atoned for that in the 7th with an RBI single.

Wakefield had another solid start. He went 7 allowing 3 runs. Although he's only had 2 quality starts in his last 7, he's 6-1 in that stretch. Wakefield has gotten a decision in each one of his 22 starts, which is odd since he doesn't usually pitch very deep into games, It's bizarre in this day and age of specialized relievers and the homerun ball which can change a game in an instant, that a starting pitcher has a win-loss record that looks like it's from 1923.

The game also saw the Red Sox debut of Eric Gagne. He pitched well. One of the two hits he gave up was a freak double which appeared to be a foul pop up until the wind took it back into the field of play. It fell in between two Sox fielders, then bounced into the left-field grandstand. It was one of the weakest doubles you'll ever see. Right after that, Gagne yielded a single, and an earned run.

Speaking of Gagne, Kason Gabbard made his Rangers debut. He pitched 5.2 innings, allowing 3 runs, and receiving a loss against the Indians.

The Yankees lost to the White Sox 13-9 (typical Yankees game score), which means we have an 8 game lead in the east. If the Red Sox go .450 over their remaining 54 games, the Yankees will need to go .593 in order to tie us. If we go .500, the Yankees will need to go .648. If we play .550 baseball, the Yankees need to play .704 baseball. If the Red Sox continue playing .611, the Yankees will need to go .759 in order to catch us. We are very, very close to winning our first AL East title since 1995.

The Sox begin a 6 game west coast trip starting in Seattle. Jon Lester goes up against Horacio Ramirez tonight at 10. don't ya just love west coast trips? Games at 10 PM on a Friday. yay.

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