Saturday, December 29, 2007


Boston College became only the second team to ever win 8 straight bowl games in 8 seasons. The other was Florida State, who won 11 consecutive Bowls from 1985 to 1996.

But in Florida State's streak, the Seminoles won the Orange Bowl three times, the Sugar Bowl twice, the Fiesta Bowl twice, the Gator Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, and only two minor bowl games.

Here is the list of BC's last 8 Bowl triumphs:

2000 Aloha Bowl - BC 31, Arizona State 17
2001 Music City Bowl - BC 20, Georgia 16
2002 Motor City Bowl - BC 51, Toledo 25
2003 San Francisco Bowl - BC 35, Colorado State 21
2004 Continental Tire Bowl - BC 37, North Carolina 24
2005 MPC Computers Bowl - BC 27, Boise State 21
2006 Meineke Car Care Bowl - BC 25, Navy 24
2007 Champs Sports Bowl - BC 24, Michigan State 21

Something is wrong here. For a team to win 8 straight bowl games, but never be selected for a Bowl of any significance is indicative of some sort of problem.

This season, BC really should have been in the Gator Bowl, as the 2nd best team in the ACC. But the Gator Bowl selected Virginia. The Eagles could have also flown down to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl, but Clemson was selected instead.

The knock on BC is that they don't travel well. Bowl games want to pack in as many fans as they can, and Boston College fans don't show up in the droves that fans of Miami, Clemson, Virginia Tech, or Florida State do.

But fans of these teams don't have to travel as far. Boston College is at a geographical disadvantage when it comes to bowl season. The closest bowl games are the International Bowl in Toronto, and the Motor City Bowl in Detroit. Every other game involves a long plane fight.

Bowls like the Peach Bowl will take nearby southern teams like Clemson over better teams such as Boston College. The big bowls will select already established schools like Michigan, and Florida, even when undeserving of a lofty bowl game.

Once again, the good ole boy system of college football rears it's ugly head. College football is designed to keep the southern powerhouses in power, and the periphery schools on the outside. There are some exceptions to the Dixie domination, such as Notre Dame, and the Big Ten. But these schools are still located in the breadbasket of the country, and these schools still have the "we were good first" mentality going for them.

There's a guarantee that five of the teams ahead of BC in the BCS rankings will fall. Arizona State has already gone down in the Holiday Bowl. Boston College has a good shot of finishing the season in the top 10, which is a major accomplishment for a team that started the season unranked and with a new coach.

Nevertheless, I'm still miffed that BC wasn't given a chance to be in more of the spotlight.

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