Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The Coca-Cola corner will sit atop the roof overhanging the left field grandstand. It adds 412 new seats to the ballpark, as well as room for 100 standing room patrons. The Red Sox say tickets will be $75 for seats in the section, and $25 for standing room.

This section replaces a makeshift "luxury" box which had been an auxiliary press box for the 1999 All-Star Game. The Sox claim that they are trying to increase the number of seats in the ballpark that cost $100+.

If the $75 seats and $25 SRO tickets are sold for every home game, about $2.7 million in new revenues will come to the Red Sox, not including additional concessions, and the naming rights fee Coca-Cola paid.

This is yet another desperate attempt to cram more seats into an already overcrowded facility. And I'm sorry, but $75 a seat isn't exactly cheap. I love how this new ownership group has turned the team into a winner. But Fenway Park is a run-down, small, shanty. Moreover, it doesn't maximize the potential revenue the team could be taking in. More revenue=more spending money=better players. And with the Yankees moving into a new baseball cathedral, with luxury boxes, and 50,000 seats; the Red Sox might be left in their dust. And who wants that?


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  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I agree the cost is becoming extreme, but compared to other seats (i.e. monster wall), it seems like a steal....
    Any idea when these seats and Conigliaro's Corner tickets go on sale? I've seen that all other tickets have gone up for sale or in a lottery, but I have not heard when and how these 2 areas will be available. Will it be to the general public?