Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Red Sox players voted unanimously to not go to Japan unless their coaches, training staff, and other support staff were compensated for the trip. Apparently, when this whole Japan trip was planned, the coaches were each promised a $40,000 stipend. Since then, it has been decided that they won't get anything for making the trip to Japan.

Furthermore, the Red Sox refused to play today's Grapefruit League game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Fort Myers. They simply stayed in the dugout.

As I'm in the middle of writing this, Extra Bases is reporting that the Red Sox will take the field at 1:10 and play their game against the Blue Jays. But there is no word yet on if the Japan situation has been resolved.

This is one of the few times at which I'm in support of a professional athlete's "labor" movement. The Red Sox are supporting their coaches, using the massive leverage they have as stars to help out the guys like first base coach Luis Alicea, who doesn't have much leverage in a matter like this.

Let's hope someone ponies up the couple hundred thousand for the coaches.

Extra Bases

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